Your all-round partner for project development and co-investment in real estate

RB holding operates on a European level in a variety of business areas such as Real Estate, Development, Service, Investment, Co-Investment and Trading.

We develop customized strategies on behalf of our clients, while supporting them along all phases of their projects. We take care of their needs spanning from the choice of the plot of land to the financing forms, from the feasibility study to the coordination of all project phases.

Thanks to our vast experience and trusted longtime partner network, our clients can count on a single contact person of proven competencies and experience for their projects in Italy as well as abroad.

Real estate value is strongly influenced by its location. The same holds true for companies.

RB holding’s headquarters is located exactly on the threshold between Italy and the German-speaking countries.

Roads, languages and cultures all come together in South Tyrol, building a bridge that connects Northern Europe to the Italian peninsula. We take advantage of this favorable position to form profitable partnerships between actors from both sides of the Alps and across Europe.

To achieve this goal, we use our valuable and capillary network of connections and combine it with our many years of experience in real estate sector.

Thanks to our network of trusted partners, we can offer our clients a vast portfolio of contacts.

The glue that unites our family of employees, partners and contacts is trust.

Our work is characterized by reliability, a discrete approach, strategic thinking and effective action. Our consistency on these four levels has allowed us to build strong bonds with our main partners that in turn lead to a constant flow of new jobs.

In the daily development of tailor-made strategies for our customers, we strive for simplicity, professionalism and commitment.

Our services

execution and financing

Our customers can rely on a fully-fledged and independent partner on their side, who acts at all levels in their best interest, from the start of the project to its completion. What our customers appreciate most of our approach is the reduction of project complexity and the fact of having a single and competent contact person for all matters, who knows the project in its entirety and in detail.

Real Estate: from our vast network of partners to your tailor-made solution

Thanks to our excellent market knowledge we can offer our customers the complete range of services – from the site search and selection to the coordination of project engineers, from the selection of contractors and the construction management to the marketing and selling of the real estate.

We work together with strategic partners to provide tailored services to our clients.

We deal with residential and commercial real estate such as small, medium and large shopping centers. Furthermore, we are experts for commercial properties, hotels and logistic centers.

Development: the safest and most efficient path to high returns

When developing a project we usually stick to a six-step process, as described on the right.

We place particular focus on the site development and on the international setup of the client’s company.

Our clients include investment funds, private investors and companies like supermarkets and DIY-chains that wish to expand in northern Italy. These companies entrust us with jobs at various levels, up to the delivery of turnkey projects.

Services: results above expectations with time and costs under control

In the Services segment we offer our partners and customers services from A to Z.

Our priority is to comply to initially defined costs and timing, while delivering continuity across the entire project. The customer is free to select specific services, such as the marketing of a property, but can also benefit from the complete service package. We perform services for individuals, businesses, multinational corporations and investment funds.

Those same development services are also offered to credit institutions whose clients’ projects suffer from their economic difficulties. In these cases, our mission is to complete the projects in a structured and effective process within a given time frame.

Investment and co-investment: we put our money where our mouth is

We perform investments in real estate projects – alone or together with other investors – in which development we are directly involved.

Our direct participation with own equity is an additional guarantee of the soundness of the investment for third parties, who rely on us and our experience for the revaluation of real estate.

Our constant participation in projects as investors has allowed us to develop experience in asset management and thus to serve our customers as competent advisors in asset management.

Trading: a good deal benefits all involved parties

In order to obtain profits from the sale of an investment, an important factor to consider is surely its selling price; but equally important is the original purchase price of the asset.

When advising our clients in their purchasing decisions, we make our complete experience and expertise available to them, so to turn their investments as profitable as possible.

Our clients can tap into our wide partner network to find appropriate buyers and sellers for any transaction. We believe that a successful trade is such, only if it creates mutual benefit of all involved parties.


Over the years, we have successfully completed a number of real estate projects in northern Italy in collaboration with investors, developers and contractors from all over Europe. Our strategy for the future is to broaden our focus on Rome and major cities in northern Italy to increase the differentiation of our portfolio. Moreover, cities in northern Italy stand out for their strong entrepreneurial spirit and are therefore attractive to foreign investors and venture capitalists. New in our focus are hotel facilities and historic hotels, which can be modernized through our development activities and released for sale to hotel chains.

Other projects on demand

Projects completed

Transfer and demolition of the old winery for new residential construction.


  • Investmentlocation: Grieser Platz, 2, 39100 Bozen
  • Aktivities: Co-Investment, development and sale
Projectmanagement and trading of the shoppingcenter.


  • Investmentlocation: Highway exit Verona Sud (IT)
  • Activities: Development, Service


Projectdevelopment of the new professional school in Meran.


  • Investmentlocation: Rennstallweg 24 (Untermaiser Handwerkerzone) 39012 Meran (IT)
  • Client: Autonomous Province of Bozen
  • Activities: Development, investment, general contracting and sale
Development of the penitentiary area.



  • Investmentlocation: Close to airport, 39100 Bozen (IT)
  • Client: Autonomous Province of Bozen
  • Activities: Development, Co-Investment and sale of the area to the Autonomous Province of Bozen.
Development of “Palazzo ENEL” in Verona


  • Investmentlocation: Piazza S. Nicolò, 4, Verona VR (IT)
  • Activities: Development, co-investment and general contracting
Development of multipurpose complex „Kampillcenter“ in Bozen


  • Investmentlocation: Via Innsbruck 29, 39100 Bozen (IT)
  • Activities: Real Estate
Development for building the wholesale “Metro”.


  • Investmentlocation: Via Zona Industriale 26, 39011 Sinich (IT)
  • Client: Metro
  • Activities: searching for location, co-investment, general contracting, development
Residential complex (Villa) in Bozen


  • Investmentlocation: Moritzingerweg, 39100 Bozen (IT)
  • Avtivities: searching for location, general contracting, development


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RB holding

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